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1. Do you give discount for large volume or bulk orders?

  • • Yes. We do give discounts for large volume of bulk orders.
  • • contact mixcaricature thru email of our hotline for quotations
  • • indicate the following information: Company name, complete address, contact person, mobile, product order total number of order, date needed,

2. What kind of photo do i need to upload?

  • • upload clear photos that are not blurred or pixelated.
  • • Strictly follow the guidelines uploading pictures. Click the link below

  • • If the photos uploaded does not meet the requirement, we will notify you thru text or call you. Then you have to upload another photo thru the website bulletin with your name and order number.

  • • For face of product (cut off face picture and attach to your preferred body caricature) definition or at least clear front face photo. Face photo must not be covered, not side view. Smiling picture is recommendable.
  • • For caricature we accept only clear photo. to check if it is acceptable, zoom in the photo both eyes must show the eyeballs clearly and details of the eyelid must be clear.
  • • For mini-i 3d doll- detachable head- we require front face photo and side view. Submit photo side view of hairstyle for reference
  • • smiling face photo is recommendable.
  • • Important: we do not accept blurry and pixelated pictures as it may result to "not good quality print" of your photo and the product.

3. Why choose mixcaricature in terms of product quality?

  • • we are in the business since 2008 and the company continues to develop and create new designs. Our expert artists are being trained with international standards especially in Korea.
  • • Material are originally made from Korea and other countries to keep our quality intact.
  • • We produce 1,000-3,000 pcs of orders from different companies, local and international keeping our standards. mixcaricature continue to keep its quality standards thru intensive trainings

4. Can i send multiple (many) photos?

  • • Yes. But this is only applicable for bulk orders. for single order, one picture reference is recommendable.
  • • For mini-i, we require one (1) front view and (1) side view per order. For female, we require one (1) back view photo for hair reference.
  • • Submit smiling face photo for better image result

5. what if i sent a wrong picture, then you draw it. is it possible to resend a new picture for change?

  • • Yes. But you have to pay as new order.
  • • Wehighly recommend to double check your photo and check carefully before sending. Whatever you send will be our reference for drawingyour picture.

6. Do you accept customize order?

  • • Yes. We do customize order with corresponding fees; price depends on the requested design.
  • • Email design at and we attach the requested design for reference.

7. How to place our orders?

  • 7.1 visit our website:
  • 7.2 from "categories" - choose desire product.
  • 7.3 fill up product details of your order. Upload photos. Click buy now
  • 7.4 for non-member just choose Guest check out. (There are other log-in options).
  • 7.5 Confirm order and completely fill up shipping. Delivery address.
  • 7.6 Choose Payment method then click place Order
  • 7.7 Email then proceedspayment. You will receive notification
  • 7.8 Email or upload deposit slip in our mixcaricature web page.
  • Note: No Payment slip. No order process.
  • Click link for Payment Slip Bulletin:

8. Do you accept rush order?

  • • Yes. Weaccept rush orders with additional charge for rush order fee. We will deliver thru courier or shipping service. We do not accept "pick-up order" or "Meet-up"

9. How long does it take to produce an MC Frame?

  • • Rush orders for MC Frames is accepted with corresponding Fee. Standard processing is 4-7 working days. Email us for more details of your orders at

10. What is the Delivery period and price?

  • • Metro Manila 1 Day
  • • All Over Luzon, 2-6 Days
  • • Mindanao, 2-7 Days
  • • Price will be sent upon receiving your exact delivery address
  • • For more information visit the following Link:

11. How can i Track my Order?

12. Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD)?

  • • No. Our product is personalized items, meaning whatever you order we cannot re-sell it to others, that's why for assurance on both party you need to pay it first before we proceed wit hthe production.
  • • For more info about Cash Payment, please visit this link:

13. Do you offer FREE Shipping?

  1. • Yes. FREE Shipping for a total purchase of Php600 and above. But only to MC Products: Standee, Trophy and Frame products.

14. What are your Payment Methods?

15. Do you accept down payments?

  • • Do you accept down payments?

16. Do you accept re-sellers? And how?

  • • Yes, you can email your intent to llemich for assesment approval. We also offer DIY for MC frames. We will provide materials so you can create your own personalized MC frames at home.

17. Do you have minimum orders?

  • • No.

18. How much discount do you give for bulk orders?

  • • For bulk orders, you need to contact us through E-mail, our customer service representative will assist you with your request and will provide much accurate quotation and discount.

19. Do youalso accept international orders?

  • •Yes.

20. Do you have Store?

  • • Yes. Located at 2nd Floor, Market Market, Bonifacio ,Global City Taguig. (Open from 10:00AM - 10:00PM)

21. How to contact your customer service for my concerns?

  • • E-mail us at Our customer service representative is available from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00am to 6:00pm to assist you.